Cat Orriss

Art direction, design & random
PR shots for artist Venetia Norris 

Personal job: Art Direction & photography

PR shots for artist Venetia Norris 

Personal job: Art Direction & photography

Concept: Unilever launches Comfort Brights & Whites

Brief: Launch Comfort Brights range through a national roadshow

Creative response: GET COLOUR CONFIDENT this season with Comfort Brights range. 

Visitors will be offered 10 minute, free one-to-one colour advice sessions in partnership with image consultants Colour Me Beautiful, and giveaways include money off coupons and a booklet of styling tips which helps remind consumers of their preferred colour palette. 

Cat Orriss: Art director [creative group head]

Campaign: Sky 3D Prism

Brief [RPM]: Get people to experience the wonder of 3D for themselves.

Creative response: Sky 3D Prism experience touring festivals and events showcasing breathtaking Sky 3D showreel and chill out zone. The mirrored exterior blends into it’s environment, whilst simultaneously jumping out, as if in 3D. Complimentary branded 3D glasses for all!

Cat Orriss: Art direction & design


Campaign: Catch A Creative

Brief [RPM]: Recruitment for RPM creative department

Activity: Targetting creative agency hotspots in central and east London.  Guerilla posters/stickers/flyers. Creatives from department going into bars, sticking people and talking to them about job opportunities. Supported by microsite with job descriptions

Result: Successfully recruited incredible junior creative team, freelancers and gained so much interest. Who needs agents? ;)

Cat Orriss & Sophie Peters: Art direction & design

Marketing Press: Oct 2010

Campaign: Don Julio launch

Brief [RPM]: Bring the new serve of Don Julio

Creative response: Create a Don Julio bar in the Amika Club, London for a year - Casa de Don Julio was born. Host DJ cocktail sessions with The Don. Tour the sessions and activity nationwide.

Cat Orriss: Interior design, art direction, copywriting [bar name, main comms, staff scripts] 

Campaign: Mess up and Miss out

Brief [Bullet]: Travel Advice for 18-30s holiday goers from the FCO. Europe-wide campaign.

Creative response: A ballsy copy driven campaign designed to grab 18-30s attention and get straight to the point. If they’re reckless, they could miss out on their holiday. Keeping it this simple was key to the success of the communication and won a Silver at the Travel Awards in March 2011.

"167,000 holiday makers travelled with the tour operators during May-September 2010. Emails were sent out prior to holiday makers departing, Reps gave advice in their welcome speeches and address cards, posters and frisbees containing safety messages were distributed. A full page advert in the 2011 Club 1830 and Escapades brochures reached a further 410,000 travellers."

Cat Orriss: Pitch winning art direction and copywriting


Brief [Bullet]: Website redesign for Marshall
Cat Orriss: Pitch winning art direction and design [style not used]

Brief [Bullet]: Website redesign for Marshall

Cat Orriss: Pitch winning art direction and design [style not used]

Campaign: Hendricks Gin

Brief [Bullet]: SP campaign concepts: ontrade, offtrade, press, digital

Creative response: Two routes -

1 - Hendrick’s Gin Limerick Laureate… Let the battle of nibs begin

2 - Solve the Curious Case of the Disappearing Hendrick’s Gin 

Cat Orriss: Pitch winning art direction 

Campaign: Lanson liquid

Brief [Communicator]: European-wide brand building ATL campaign featuring press and taxi media, focussing on the liquids unique USP.

Creative response: Taking Lanson a step away from typical Champagne advertising and focussing on the actual tantalising liquid itself and its superior crisp, fresh qualities. Campaign success in 2009-10 resulted in an extra year of activity in 2010-11.

Cat Orriss: Art direction


Campaign: A little every day goes a long way

Brief [Dynamo]: Integrated campaign to support Actimel

Creative response: Print campaign, on pack promotion, supported by Radio ads, ATL TV using our storyboards & TTL campaign theme & strapline 

Cat Orriss: Pitch winning concept, art direction & copywriting